Spring / Summer 2019

Our product philosophy

REMONTE is committed to a young and modern design style with outstanding value for money - without losing sight of the quality of its tradition of craftsmanship going back over 100 years. As well as a cool and fashionable look, comfort is a definite must at REMONTE.

To ensure that walking is always a pleasure and that feet do not get at all tired, all REMONTE shoes feature a cleverly designed technical interior: Lightweight, flexible soles and replaceable insoles with shock-absorbing qualities guarantee relief with every step.
Fashion meets quality!

Code of Conduct

Social responsibility is important to the shoe and leathr goods industry which produces and sells its products worldwide. This responsibility is reflected in a “Code of Conduct” which was adopted by the management boards of the shoe and leather goods industry. We at Remonte pledge ourselves, out of a sense of responsibility towards society, in particular towards our employees and customers, without reservation to this Code of Conduct.